Takeaway Menu


Trio Vegetable                     £3.50

Onion bhaji, potato cake and vegetable samosa

Papri chat                            £3.50

Wheat crisps with chick pea salad and topped with tamarind and green chutney

Crispy onion bhaji                 £3.25

Onion fritters in gram flour and spices

Samosa                                £3.00/3.50

Thin pastry filled with spiced Vegetable or mince spiced Lamb

Paneer tikka                          £3.50

Cottage cheese in a rich tandoori marinade with onion and peppers

Aloo tikki                             £3.00

Potato and green peas cakes topped with tamarind, mint and yoghurt sauce

Tikka                                    £3.75

Chicken or lamb tikka in a tandoori marinade of Greek yoghurt and spices

MAIN Chicken £6.95 lamb £8.50

Tandoori Chicken              £4.25

Fresh baby chicken marinade in special tandoori spices

Half £7.50 (2 pieces),  Full£13.50 (4 pieces)

Chicken Pakora                 £3.75

Marinated crispy fried supremes of chicken in gram flour, carom seed and spices

Tiger Prawn Puri               £4.95

Stir fry of prawns in pickling spices and served on puri bread

Fish Cakes                        £5.50

Assorted fish in galangal, Thai red chiily, lime leaves and lemon grass

TRIO OF LAMB                   £5.95

Seekh kebab, lamb chops and lamb tikka

Fish Amritsari                    £5.50

Crispy fried cod and salmon in a batter of gram flour, carom seed and lemon juice

Seekh Kebab                      £3.50

Lamb mince kebab wrapped with fresh coriander and grilled in the tandoor

Thrill from Grill

Tulsi Tikka                            £7.50

Chicken breast marinated in holy basil, garlic, green chilly, garam masala and yoghurt.

MURG ACHARI             £8.00

Tandoori chicken supreme with pickling spices and greek yoghurt

Malai Chicken Tikka                £7.50

Chicken breast tikka marinated in a blend of rose water, cashew nut, ginger, garlic, chilly

Shaslik         (Chicken £8.50,  Lamb £8.95)

Chicken or lamb tikka, skewered with pieces of peppers, onions and pineapple

Lamb Chops                         £12.95

Fennel and garlic infused best quality of lamb chops

Mixed Grill                     £11.50

Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab and king prawns

Meat Platter                    £12.95

Tulsi tikka, jungle murghi, lamb tikka, lamb chops and seekh kebab

Tandoori Salmon Tikka ( Starter £5.50, Main £9.50)

Grilled tandoori salmon in dill, mustard and honey

Tandoori Jhinga               £12.95

Marinated in yoghurt, laced with cardamom, mace and double cream

Mix Platter                      £13.95

King prawns, malai chicken, tulsi tikka, lamb chops, gilafiseekh, fish cakes

Old Favourites

All dishes below available as Chicken, Lamb (Vegetable £5.95, Tiger Prawn £8.50, King prawn £12.50)

Classic Tikka Masala          From £7.50

Old favourite, creamy mild tomato sauce with light spices

Chicken £7.50, Lamb £8.95

Korma                             From £6.50

Very mild curry with almonds and coconut

Chicken £6.50, lamb £7.95

Curry – Madras – Vinaloo   From £6.50

Classic Indian curry cooked to according strength

Chicken £6.50, lamb £7.95

Nawabi Pasanda                  From £7.95

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in brown onion, cashew nut, yoghurt and kewra water

Chicken £7.95, Lamb £8.95

Makani                              From £6.95

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a rich tomato and fenugreek sauce, finished with butter

Chicken £6.95, Lamb £8.95

Bhuna                               From £6.50

Medium semi dry curry with onions, tomatoes and spring onions

Chicken £6.50, Lamb £7.95

Dhansaak                           From £6.95

A famous Parsee dish in hot, sweet and sour spices cooked with lentil and finished with fenugreek

Chicken £6.95, Lamb £7.95

Rogan josh                          From £7.50

Kashmiri style Roganjosh cooked in lots of tomatoes, spices and spring onions

Chicken £7.50, Lamb £8.95

Jhalfrezi                     From £7.50

Hot dish cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes and green chillies

Chicken £7.50, Lamb £8.95

Hot Garlic Chilly         From £7.95

Marinated in garlic and cooked with onion, green chillies, spring onions and yoghurt

Chicken £7.95, Lamb £8.95

Spicy Spinach             From £7.50

Garlic, fenugreek and dill flavoured spinach dish with butter

Chicken £7.50, Lamb £8.95

Five Spice Achari        From £8.00

Aachari dish cooked in pickling spices, finished with coriander

Chicken £8.00, Lamb £8.95

Karai                         From £8.00

Medium spiced dish cooked with garlic, onions and bell peppers

Chicken £8.00, Lamb £8.95

Biryani                      From £8.00

Sserved with vegetable and lentil curry

Rich delicacy from Hyderabad, cooked with rice, brown onion, coriander, kewra water and special biryani spices

Chicken £8.00, Lamb £8.95

Tikka Biryani              From £8.50

Served with vegetable and lentil curry

Rich delicacy from Hyderabad, cooked with rice, brown onion, coriander, kewra water and special biryani spices

Chicken tikka £8.50, Lamb tikka £9.00, Salmon tikka £9.50

Rajeevs Special

Hot South Indian Curry

Tamil spiced curry in black pepper, fennel seed, coconut, mustard seed and curry leaves  ( Chicken £7.95, Fish £8.95, Lamb £8.95)

Mughlai Chicken                  £8.95

Breast of chicken in saffron sauce with onion, cashew nut, rose water and little of sweetness and finished with cream

Butter Chicken                    £8.95

A very famous Delhi style chicken curry, cooked in fresh tomato, butter, finished with fenugreek and cream

Chicken Lababdar                 £8.95

Delhi style chicken tikka cooked in a rich onion and tomato sauce, finished with chopped peppers, fenugreek and cream

Nilgiri Korma

Akorma from South of India, cooked in yoghurt, garlic, green chillies, mint,coriander and coconut  ( Chicken £8.95, Lamb £9.50)

Laal Maans              £9.95

A famous Rajasthani lamb curry cooked in a paste of red chilly, cloves and black cardamom

Tiger Prawns in Coconut Broth

Tiger prawns poached in tempered mustard seed, curry leaves, diced potatoes and coconut sauce

Tiger Prawns £8.95, King Prans £12.95

Goan Fish Curry      £9.50

A Goan spiced fish curry in whole red chilly, garlic, coriander seed and vinegar

Parsi Fish               £12.95

Salmon fish cooked in a sauce of jaggery, apricot, coriander seed, cumin seed and lemon

Jardaloo Salli Boti    £9.95

Parsee lamb curry cooked with whole red chilly, brown sugar, vinegar and apricot, garnished with potatoes straw (salli)


Any dish available as a main for £5.95

Mixed Vegetables             £3.75

Seasonel mixed vegetables in garlic and coriander

Bombay Aloo                  £3.75

Potatoes in lightly spiced Bombay style

Karai Paneer                    £6.95

Cottage cheese in garlic, onion, peppers and finished with special KARAI spices and fenugreek leaves

Garlic Flavoured Spinach    £3.75

Fresh spinach in garlic, fenugreek and dill leaves

Stir Fry Mushroom            £3.75

Mushroom in garlic, cumin seed and coriander

Cauliflower Bhaji               £3.75

Cauliflower tossed in onion and tomato masala

Chana Masala                   £3.75

Chickpeas cooked with dry mango and ginger

Saag Aloo                        £3.75

Spinach and potatoes cooked in onion and tomato

Aloo Gobhi                      £3.75

Cauliflower and potatoes in light Indian spices

Vegetable Malai Kofta       £7.50

Vegetable dumplings in a rich sauce of brown onion, yoghurt, tomatoes, fenugreek, finished with cream and coriander

Baingan Bhartaha             £4.50

Aubergines cooked in garlic, onions and lots of tomatoes

Saag Paneer                    £4.25

Fresh spinach puree and Paneer with dill and garlic

Tarka Dal                        £3.75

Yellow dal tempered in garlic, cumin seed and red chilly

Tarka Saag Dal                 £3.95

Spinach and Dal cooked togeather and finished with coriander

Paneer Lababdar               £6.50

Paneer cooked with rich onion tomato masala finished with fenugreek leaves and cream

Dal Makhani                     £4.50

A very famous rich delicacy of black lentils (recommended)

Okra                               £3.70

Stir fry of okra in five spices and garlic

Rice & Bread

 Steamed Rice              £2.25
Pliao Rice                    £2.75
Peas Pilao                    £3.25

Fresh green peas in saffron rice

 Coconut Rice              £3.25

Coconut flavour pilao rice

Mushroom Rice            £3.25

Garlic mushroom cooked with rice

Lemon Rice                 £3.25

Fresh lemon, mustard seed, chana dal and curry leaves

Vegetable Rice             £3.25

Seasoned vegetables with pilao rice

Special Fried Rice         £3.50

Egg, peas, onions with pilao rice

Bread Selection            £3.50

Mini plain/ garlic/ paratha

 Naan                         £1.95
Keema Naan                £3.00

With keema

Garlic Naan                 £2.75

With garlic and coriander

Cheese & Chilly Naan    £3.50

With green chillies and cheese

Peshwari Naan              £3.00

Pistachio , coconut and almonds

Tandoori Paratha          £2.50

Crispy layered bread

Tandoori Roti              £2.25

Crispy bread from tandoor

Chapati                       £1.95
Potato/Paneer Kulcha     £3.00/£3.00

Spicy potatoes/paneer, red onions and coriander